Therapies- Classes- Workshops at Amara:

Therapies       -Reiki, Massage, Aromas & Angel Guidance

Classes             Meditation, Relaxation,  & Restorative & Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Workshops   – Angel , Reiki, Yoga, Nutrition, SoundBaths, Goddess

                                          & many more planned!!

Events-  Amara Open Day, Holistic Fairs, Angel days, Reiki circles


One Hour Yoga

Yoga & Pilates classes

Beginner  Hatha Yoga Classes   include Postures, Breath,Meditation & Relaxation elements.

Restorative Yoga Classes are focused on relaxation and use props such as blocks, cushion and bolsters to aid student stay in postures  comfortably and longer.





Meditation classes includes Mindfulness, Visualization, Breathing Techniques, Guided Meditations and more.

It is a space for you to completely relax and let go. New classes starting January 2016!

Meditation class every Wednesday 1pm





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Relaxation workshop GSC


Comment from a participant at the GSC relaxation workshop:

Thank you so much for the relaxation session today, I really enjoyed it & highly recommend it!


 Family Yoga-Relaxation


Family Yoga-Art