Be kind & support each other

Why support each other?

In  any business, there are ups and downs. Anyone who does go the self employment route, is usually passionate about what they do as it is not an easy journey by all accounts. There are times when I ask myself if I was insane to walk this path and  then the most inspiring Yoga students attend my next class. I am immediately reminded of my ‘why’ I am doing all this. My ‘why’ is to share what I am most passionate about in the world while at the same time being able to support my family.

Be kind and supportive to others in business. Your  fellow business owners  might be here to serve you with a  lesson you need to learn, give you inspiration to improve your own business and might even support you down the line  with networking and other opportunities. Don’t get me wrong-We all need to put food on the table but  let’s  follow our dreams with a pure heart and with kindness ….

Anyhow, this month I would like to express my deepest gratitude to teachers and guest facilitators who allow Amara to grow and become a space where the community can avail of accessible Health & Wellbeing classes and events in a supportive environment. Amara would not be open without the support of  other Yogis, Healers & Holistic Therapists in Galway and that is a fact.

Thanking  amazing teachers  & guest facilitators :

The lovely Marina Zencovich has joined Amara  and is offering regular Mindfulness classes, Acupuncture Detox and will be offering workshops shortly.

I am delighted that Ruth Baguskas continues to offer  weekly Pilates and 1 to 1 Reformer training.

We welcome Dr.Leonor Rodriquez who came to me with  the idea of beautiful Mini Me Yoga workshops,  a way to introduce Yoga to little Yogis. This is already proving highly popular!

A regular and most welcome visitor to Amara is Ellie Fox who offers Reiki, Psychic Development & Angel Guidance workshops, how awesome!

The gorgeous Norah Coyne will be back with the amazing and soothing Soundbaths, see more info on what Norah does here.

Siobhan Sloane a hugely talented Yoga Teacher has joined the team and shares my  passion to bring Yoga to all sections of society.

We  congratulate Niamh Burke from Niamh Burke Nutrition who moved  to her own office in the city but are delighted that she continues to visit Amara with highly specialized events in relation to Nutrition & Lifestyle.

Thanks to  Grace Sheridan who continues to fascinate us with amazing Yoga workshops!

Thank you to Fellow YTTC Yogis Michelle Clarke and Taryn Schuller as they are taking some time out from teaching at Amara but will be back with workshops soon.

Also, a huge congratulations and gratitude to Dolores Andrew-Gavin who has just launched Irishhealthhour, a powerful network of health & wellbeing providers and who has been very helpful and kind to me on my journey.


To all of you that attend classes, workshops and events and those of you that support me and my family online and in person: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It enables me to live my dream of offering Yoga & Wellbeing to the community!

May you and yours enjoy the holiday season.

Love & Light.


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My name is Ronah and I am a Holistic Therapist, Tarot Card Reader and Yoga Teacher.

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