Tips and Tricks for meditating:


Try and keep you eyes open as you will be more present.However,work with whatever feels comfortable for you and if you want to close your eyes,work with that. I personally do close my eyes as it helps me to relax.


Be aware that your spine is upright whatever meditating position you are in,whether lying or sitting.


Pay attention to the breath and this helps you be in the present moment. You can also count your breath if this helps you to meditate.


Try and focus and be in the moment. A lot of the times we are not focused.Turn of mobile phones and avoid any possible distractions.


When you notice thoughts,  bring your focus back to the breath. Don’t get annoyed at your yourself for having thoughts,just acknowledge them and let them go.

Silence or Music

Silence can be very healing. You can use meditation music if you prefer, but sometimes silence is just what we need.Try out both!


It’s difficult to  meditate if you are feeling emotional. Acknowledge the feelings in your body and let them go.

Special Place

Create a special area for you to meditate. Create an altar if you wish. Candles and objects that are special  to you can be placed here. In my ‘chill out space’ i have a little altar with incense,candles,angel figures and other objects dear to me.


Start with 10 minutes meditation a day. Once you become used to a meditation practice you can work yourself up to an hour or whatever length you feel comfortable with. Morning and Evening meditation might be a good practice,too.

 Enjoy !

Try out different meditation techniques and find what you enjoy most. It is supposed to be an enjoyful time!


For more ideas on  different meditation techniques,please visit mindfulness or visualizations, or relaxation activity.

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