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Your reality is defined by your thoughts. You attract into your life whatever you think about and this happens whether you want it to or not. We are all part of One consciousness. What this means is that we are all connected to each other and everything in the world. When we focus on our thoughts we send them into the universe. There, they are received and sent back to us via manifestations. We attract what we think about. An example would be that positive people generally tend to attract other positive people.These in turn creates more positivity and it bounces between the people. A personal example of mine-I did an exercise recently from the amazing book called E-squared where it asked you to imagine something unusual for you to visualize to manifest within 24 hours.I decided that i wanted to see a yellow car-which are quite rare unless you live in New York City 🙂 The next morning and while driving to work i came across not 1 but 2 yellow cars-never seen in Galway,Ireland,where i live. What this means is that we can manifest our thoughts and the possibilities are endless..!!

How to get what you want using the L.O.A

So, how can you make the law of attraction work for you? It is not only about thinking about positive things in your life but to focus on the things you want to attract into your life whether that be a new romantic relationship,financial abundance or a new career.

Understand how it works

So, using the laws is not just about wishing for something but it acts on the principle that like attracts like,so for example if you want more positivity in your life,start hanging out with positive people and do things that make you feel positive!

Know what  you want

You need to be clear about what you want and that is easier said then done.Most of us would say ”well i wouldn’t mind winning the lotto.” We dont attract financial abundance by worrying about the lack of money which is what most people do. To attract abundance we have to visualize it, believe it, take action to  then receive it. Sometimes we get messages but we don’t recognize them whether it is an offer of a new career or a business opportunity or whatever it may be.

Focus your mind

You need to be focused. It is not about your wishes but about your thoughts. So if you thinking ”i wish i was rich” you need to change that thought into ”i am rich” or ”i feel abundant” as the initial thought is focusing on your lack of money and not the abundance of it. This part of the law of attraction is probaby the most difficult part as it ‘easier’ to focus on what we lack than what we have but it is vital that we get this part right. So,focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want!

Define your wishes

Be clear,concise and to be point whether it is a new relationship, a car or a luxurious holiday you are trying to manifest. Try one goal at a time and dont be too general and think of things such as ‘a  boyfiend’,’more luck’ or ‘more money’ but instead use goals such as ‘a healthy & happy relationship’,’be surrounded by positive people’,’financial abundance’.

Set your goals

After you have picked your goal,say for example ”a new romantic relationship” you need to focus your mind and your emotions on your goal. The trick here is  to imagine it already achieved, how would you feel? Feel positive about it.The stronger your emotions the better the results will be. Start with a small goal such as ‘wanting to meet a particular friend ‘ and then try a bigger goal.It is up to you if you want to focus on one goal for 10, 20 or 30days and then move onto the next one but stay with whatever time frame you decide. Personally, I have manifested small amounts of money, household items, courses, job contracts and career opportunities,using the law of attraction.

Take action

This part is the most important part of the law of attraction but also sadly the part where most people fail. People mentally understand the principle but don’t act physically on the thought they are trying to manifest. So,somebody taking action to getting that dream job you would do things such as apply for jobs,network, use positive affirmations and maybe volunteer in the ‘dream job sector’ for a few hours a week ..

Somebody not taking action and therefore not getting results would be someone who would just wish for his dream job and be unhappy in his current job but doing nothing about it. So, you will not manifest your dreams if you don’t take action!


Everything you have read so far is worthless if you dont believe that the law of attraction exists and works. No affirmations, wishes, thoughts or action will be any good if you don’t believe you have the power of attraction.

If you don’t have the faith that you are able  to attract things into your life, you will not be able to use your thoughts and emotions to benefit from the law of attraction. Ways to help you believe are to understand the law of attraction,focus on what you want and take action,start with manifesting small things and read other peoples success stories. Take a deep breathe, relax and believe in the law of attraction !

Be positive:

You need to start thinking positive and feeling positive. You will attract what you are are giving attention to and this can be positive or negative. See the glass half full rather than half empty and instead of complaining about what you don’t have, be grateful for the things you do have.

If you are complaining you will attract more things to complain about  so think positively and you will attract more positivity  in your life! So, if you want to manifest a relationship dont feel unhappy but feel  the feelings of joy and happyness that are on the way.

Tips to help you on your way

Meditation-Use meditation techniques to help you to relax and focus  on your desires.

Affirmations-Use affirmations on a daily basis-for more info on affirmations,click affirmations.

Dream Inoculation

Ask the universe a question before falling asleep and you will be amazed at some of the answers you will receive! The last time i used this technique, I receive 3 pages of ideas and answers to the question i had asked. Hypnosis– A hypnotherapist relaxes you and during the trance suggests to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Be grateful

Gratitude is the most powerful feeling of all. The law of gratitude is inseparable from the law of attraction. Being grateful for things means that you have things  and that you appreciate them. You should believe in things that you haven’t received yet and believe that you are receiving it and then appreciate what you are receiving.

How to feel grateful when things aren’t going your way?Appreciate what you have and do the grateful exercise. The above is about doing grateful things but being grateful is the feeling of gratitude that is overwhelming and positive,it is independant of our actions and circumstances.

And this, being grateful is what should strive for. Exercises to help the law of attraction work for you!

-Write down all your desires over a 30day period, feel them, visualize them & attract them!

-Use affirmations on a daily basis to start you on your way

-Get rid of negative beliefs or thoughts to do with your desires -Read the book or Watch ‘The Secret’. Make vision boards.

-Do the ‘Grateful exercise’:Write a list of things and people you appreciate, chose one and imagine you did not have it.

Do this with every item on your list.

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