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My name is Ronah and I am a Holistic Therapist, Tarot Card Reader & Yoga Teacher. My spiritual journey began in 2004 when I discovered Reiki healing after  suffering for 10 years with chronic back pain. In 2007, I became a mother and my focus changed for a while.  During this time, I continued studying  other modalities such as  Massage Therapy, Angel Reiki, Angel light workings and Crystal therapy. From 2010, I was asked  to provide holistic therapies and relaxation classes to disadvantaged adults and teenagers.I decided it was time to take the next step and become a self-employed Holistic Therapist  in 2012 . 

In 2014, my journey led me to become a Hatha Yoga Teacher which  changed my life forever. I realized that My Life’s Purpose  was to provide affordable and inclusive Yoga & Wellness  to the community.  In September 2015 ,I opened Amara Yoga & Wellbeing in Westside,Galway. In 2016 I became a Do-Terra Wellness advocate bringing these beautiful essential oils into my Yoga, Meditation & Therapy Practice. For more info,please click here



 Good Health & Wellbeing to you always.

Namaste, Ronah


Relaxation is allowing physical and/or mental tension to be released. Tension is the body’s natural response to threat, part of the body’s alarm or survival mechanism.

We often start to learn mindfulness skills by focusing our attention on our breath, our bodies, the environment or activities.
Yoga is being described as coming back to yourself and i wouldn’t be able to describe it any better. It’s about finding your limits, expanding your boundaries and being able to relax with yourself


  • Comments from a Reiki client, L.Power

    “I have had a number of Reiki sessions with Ronah in the past, the most recent of which was after a traumatic surgery. Ronah’s treatment helped me feel calm, relaxed and I believe it helped my recovery and healing from the surgery. I would highly recommend Ronah as a very kind, caring and professional practitioner.” L.P.- Top qualities: Personal,good value, high integrity.

  • Comments from Youth Community Worker, Janice O’H.

    Amara has been working with the Westside Youth project since last September as our Wellbeing and Relaxation therapist.Throughout her sessions with the group, I’ve been extremely impressed by Amara’s ability to put her skill’s into practice. She has great communication skills with both adults and young people alike. Ever ready to put in the extra effort, Amara is diligent, excellent at what she does, has a great sense of calm energy around her. Since joining us her contributions towards the young people’s growth has been significant and I quote “more relaxed”.  Amara is a terrific facilitator and has been a delight to be associated with. All of us at here in the Westside Youth project wish her every success in the future…

  • Comments from a Tarot Card Client, Aisling M.

    Ronah made me feel at ease and completely relaxed during my reading. I was amazed at the accuracy and intuitive nature of my reading. I enjoyed every minute and was delighted with the experience.Some interesting and accurate predictions manifested shortly afterwards. I would highly recommend Ronah as a Tarot Card Reader as she is gentle, caring and very professional. I will be back soon!!

Why chose Amara Yoga & Wellbeing?

Ronah became a Usui Reiki Master in 2004 and also was given attunements to Inner Reiki and Angel Reiki. See Reiki for more information. 
 Ronah has taught relaxation & meditation to disadvantaged groups since 2011. See Meditation for more information on meditation techniques! Mediation, mindfulness  & relaxation classes & workshops will be advertised soon!
The Rider Waite Tarot cards were originally painted by Pamela Coleman Smith after having visions while listening to music. I am available for Angel and Archangel, Heart & Rider WaiteTarot Card readings in person and via email .See Tarot for more information.
I am absolutely thrilled and excited to be have completed my studies as a  Hatha Yoga Teacher. I am now offering Restorative, Hatha, Chakra & Mindfulness Yoga classes and will be adding more events & workshops in the very near future. 



Amara offers Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness classes, holistic events & workshops. Other plans include early morning  classes, 45min Lunch time Yoga & Aroma Yoga. Amara is also welcoming other yoga & holistic therapy teachers for specific workshops and events. Amara Yoga & Wellbeing  offers  regular weekly classes- Hatha, Restorative & Gentle Yoga,  Meditation & Mindfulness . Regular workshops & Events take place on Saturdays and Sundays in the Amara Yoga & Wellbeing Hub. Amara also provides free Yoga & Relaxation classes as part of the Community Yoga Project-please enquire at

Workshops planned for 2016 are  Reiki, Nutrition, Psychic Development, Yoga, Sound Baths, Aromadance & so much more!

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS/EVENTS June & July at Amara Yoga & Wellbeing:

12th June- Aroma Yoga Basics with Ronah Corcoran

18th June- Backbend Workshop with Grace Sheridan

19th June- Adrenal Workshop with Niamh & Ronah

20th June- Adrenal Workshop with Niamh & Ronah

25th June- International Yoga Day Celebrations

27th June- Aroma Yoga Basics with Ronah

9th July- Create the Life you Love with Gaye Moore

10th July- Louise Hay workshop with Una & Veronica

15th July- DIY Essential Oil Workshop w/Dolores A.Gavin

16th July – Chakra retreat day with Ronah,Grace & Taryn

18th July-  Healthy choices: essential oils w/Dolores A.Gavin

25th July-Emotional Support with essential oils w/Dolores A.Gavin


To book a place on a workshop please check events here or contact Ronah on 086/2324099

To view  list of therapies,  class timetable  and booking system  here

I am delighted with the encouragement I have received & thank everyone for their support. Looking forward to meeting you soon at Amara Yoga & Wellbeing.

Love & Light,

Ronah, March 2016


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